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Backyard Wildlife Habitat

Backyard Wildlife Habitat

Backyard Wildlife HabitatBreeden Inn became certified by the National Wildlife Federation as a Backyard Wildlife Habitat in 1997.  With hundreds of varieties of trees and plant life, the property lends itself to wildlife. The Park’s and guests who enjoy birding, are especially fond of the many varieties of birds that call the Inn home.  Field guide books and binoculars are available for usage while at the Inn.

The Inn offers 17 birdbaths throughout the grounds for feathered friends to fly those extra miles for a stay.  The Inn’s woodland garden has a lovely fountain. Since running water increases bird visitation by 25 percent, the woodland fountain must be filled twice daily to keep the songbirds happy. It’s entertaining watching them anticipate their refill as they wait on the tree limbs surrounding the fountain.  Birds are found nesting in the most interesting places, including in hanging vintage milk pitchers on the Inn's Southern porches.  

Some time ago, Breeden Inn was featured on the National Wildlife Federation website in an article entitled “Visit a Bed and Breakfast with a Certified Habitat”. The article reads...

Did you know that quaint bed and breakfasts throughout the country are doing their part to create wildlife habitats in their own communities?  They firmly believe that making the grounds of their accommodations attractive and useful to wildlife is near as important as a plush king-size bed or a gourmet breakfast.  They have even gone a step further and certified their sites as official Backyard Wildlife Habitat sites with the National Wildlife Federation, helping to educate interested visitors about the importance of the creation and enhancement of wildlife habitats.

These places have not only recognized the benefits of offering wildlife habitat areas as an amenity to birds, butterflies and other wild critters, but to their guests as well.  So many people today are living life at lightning speeds and have forgotten how to slow down and enjoy the scenery, so to speak.  These bed & breakfasts specialize in providing their guests places and opportunities to relax and enjoy the peace of the natural world and to interact with some of  its amazing creatures.

The website for the Breeden Inn proudly boasts that this 1886  Beaux Arts Southern mansion in the Historic  District of Bennettsville, South Carolina, is not only on the National Register of Historic Places, but that the property is also certified by NWF.

The Parks say their guests are impressed when they see the Backyard Wildlife Habitat signs on each property. If interested, they provide them with certification application information so they can create a wildlife habitat in their own yards.

This beautiful Inn is located on three acres of land which has numerous 100 year old trees that all provide sustaining food sources and cover for visiting birds and other wildlife.  The grounds are superbly landscaped and there are several butterfly and hummingbird gardens that can be found supplying the flying jewels with valuable nectar and larval host plants and protein rich insects.  The Inn also has Koi and goldfish ponds and one big in ground people pool for cooling off on a hot summer day.  For the Parks, getting the Backyard Wildlife Habitat certification was like frosting on the cake.  They were already nature enthusiasts and enjoy making their grounds a refuge for wildlife, so applying for the certification as a Backyard Wildlife Habitat was something that solidified their beliefs and has also been good for the Inn.   

In addition, Lake Paul Wallace, located one mile from The Breeden Inn, is a great place to see various birds and ducks.  American Eagles are nesting in Cypress trees at the lake, and a small alligator was recently discovered. The Parks are happy to provide guests with bread for duck feeding at the lake, or you can feed the Koi at the Inn.  Occasionally duck families find their way to the Inn and guests can observe mother duck with her babies weaving in and out through the grounds, or swimming in the pool or period fish pond.


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